Microfiber Cloths

Calderon’s collection of Microtex® microfiber towels
includes ribbed bar mops, tricot glass towels, and
lightweight or heavy duty solid color cleaning cloths. They
require fewer chemicals during use, are highly absorbent,
and last longer than traditional cotton cloths.

Product Size Weight per case Stock #
Microfiber cloth, blue with white hem stitching 14" x14" 40 lbs. 60M-MFIBERB
Microfiber cloth, blue with blue hem stitching 14" x14" 40 lbs. 60M-MFIBERW
Microfiber cloth, green 16" x16" 26 lbs. 60M-1616G
Microfiber cloth, blue 16" x16" 26 lbs. 60m-1616B