Calderon’s revolutionary Microtex® microfiber bar mops will improve the shine of your bottom line through lower laundering costs and a longer life cycle. Microfiber bar towels are lighter than traditional cotton bar mops, yet are white and just as absorbent, making them a terrific choice for laundries and end-users alike.

Product Size Weight per case Stock #
Bar Mop, Micro Fiber, Blue 14" x17" 30 lbs. 602M-R1417BLS
Bar Mop, Micro Fiber, Yellow 14" x17" 30 lbs. 602M-R1417YLS
Bar Mop, Micro Fiber, Green 14" x17" 30 lbs. 602M-R1417GRS
Cloth, Micro Fiber 16" x16" 27 lbs. 60M-1616B
Cloth, Micro Fiber 16" x16" 27 lbs. 60M-1616G
Glass Towel, Micro Fiber 16" x16" 31 lbs. 60M-1616TRLB
Micro FiberBulk 14" x14" 40 lbs. 60M-MFIBERB
Micro Fiber Bulk 14" x14" 40 lbs. 60M-MIFEBERW